Moving Picture

Director Linda Christanell / 1995 / Austria

An image of a gently contoured alley way in a typical European streetscape is presented in numerous ways. Photographed at night during the day across the seasons and occasionally using time lapse the image is reworked and added to Colour, black and white and coloured filters are used.

During a snow storm the images are shown in reverse other images are superimposed Seagulls appear flying between the buildings, shots of water appear plants obscure the view of the alley early in the film but then disappear. Thunder sounds ominously on the soundtrack.

Moving Picture is a study of impermanence but it is more than this. The ghosts of the superimposed moments threatens narrative or at least some explanation. A photograph of a woman reoccurs several times. Does she live in the apartments is she the filmmaker-or related to the filmmaker? (LA)

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