Pepolino and the Lost Treasure

Director Janos Uzsak / 1995 / Germany

Pepolino and the Lost Treasure is pure family entertainment a fully animated musical feature based on the novel by Irene Rodrian. The film charts the adventures of young Pepolino who just wants to be a famous troubadour. His grandmother has different plans and insists he carry on the family tradition of piracy. Her dreams of riches also involve Pepolino locating and recovering a treasure map fortuitously secured by Grandpa before his mysterious disappearance 13 years ago. Compliant Pepolino obliges Grandma and together with his charming and delightful friends -Barney the dog, Don Poco the parrot and Emil the rat-get the old ship Granny Mario ready for the high seas and grand adventure.

So begins the tumultuous journey and madcap exploits of Pepolino and his crew. His mission is complicated by the obese, evil and selfish Captain Babaluk and his cat Babette who have also been searching for the lost treasure. Everyone is being tailed by three more infamous and menacing swashbucklers, Rotbart Holzbem and Glasauge on the orders of the scurrilous Admiral Hildegard-a witch!

Pepolino's most fortuitous encounter however is with Mora the enchanting mermaid who teaches him the strength of friendship and love. As this fast paced story unfolds (told in word and music) the pursuit across the seven seas continues fraught with treacherous dalliances for the loving polite and sweet Pepolino. His distaste For violence means he must endure the snares and onslaughts of his foes and use his courage audacity and intelligence to outwit them. Combined with what he learnt from Mora, Pepolino and his loyal team are able to conquer evil and continue their life affirming adventures. (VS)

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