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To lay the facts on the table immediately: Grace Quek (aka porn superstar Annabel Chong) is most notorious for having had sex, live on camera, with 251 men during a continuous 10 hour shoot. Her videotapes are amongst the biggest selling titles in the history of screen pornography What was not known, until this revealing no-holds-barred documentary, is that Grace/Annabel is a 22 year old Gender Studies undergrad at the University of Southern California. She views her alternate career in the porn underworld as a personal statement and exploration of sexual stereotyping, empowerment and futuristic feminism.

Gough Lewis' explicit, but never prurient, film probes every aspect of both lives, uncovering a secret past, a family unaware of their daughter's questionable celebrity, drugs, exorcism and unresolved sexual trauma that have taken a significant mental toll on a woman professing complete control. A startling expose certain to spark new discussion of an underground industry.