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The most expensive Taiwanese film ever made, Warriors of the Rainbow tells the legendary true story of a ruthless aboriginal rebellion against invading Japanese forces.

The Japanese Imperial Army has swept all before it. But on the island of Taiwan, 300 warriors from a tiny tribe called the Seediq refuse to be cowed. The story of their heroic, doomed uprising would send shockwaves throughout occupied Asia.

In part 1 of Warriors of the Rainbow, director Wei Te-sheng and producer John Woo begin the unashamedly epic story of the Japanese invasion of Taiwan and their subjugation of the native population, and how the Seediq and their leader, Mouna Rudo, overcome internecine tribal warfare to bring the conquerors to their knees.

Sumptuously shot, this heartfelt film is filled with brutal, action-packed combat scenes, impressively portrayed by a cast of mainly non-professional, indigenous actors.

“Undeniably rousing.” - AV Club

D/S Wei Te-sheng P John Woo, Jimmy Huang Dist Monster Pictures L Seediq, Japanese, Taiwanese Hokkien, Mandarin Chinese w/English subtitles TD DCP/2011