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They were adopted by grunge nobility, but the main reason Cosmic Psychos frontman Ross Knight wore the flannel shirt was because he's a farmer.

Commercial and music video director (and musician himself) Matt Weston branches out with his first feature, documenting our most unlikely stars. How did three mongrel rockers, who wrote songs about dead ‘roos, pies and beer, conquer the globe with some of the most revered bands of the ‘90s?

Charting the colourful three-decade history of the group and its enigmatic, entertaining frontman, Cosmic Psychos: Blokes You Can Trust features interviews with band members as well as grunge icons including Eddie Vedder and Buzz from The Melvins. It also showcases raucous archival footage - some supplied by fans - and captures the unadulterated larrikinism of three beer-swilling Aussies taking on the world.

"There are songs about driving a bulldozer. For me, that was ‘Wow, okay, Aussie punk rock'. That's punk rock to me." - Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam

D/P/S Matt Weston Dist Umbrella Entertainment TD DCP/2013