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Australian legend David Gulpilil tells the story of when his people's way of life was derailed by ours.

Molly Reynolds' Another Country is the stunning culmination of the critically acclaimed Country suite (featuring her Still Our Country – Reflections on a Culture, MIFF 2014; and Rolf de Heer's Charlie's Country). Narrated and guided by Gulpilil himself, Another Country is an attempt to make sense of the contradictions of the modern Indigenous experience – a sobering, searing though often humorous account of a people forced to change too fast and too far, and then left to fade by those who had wrought that change.

Exploring the physical, social and spiritual landscapes of David Gulpilil's own community of Ramingining, Reynolds' film offers an all-too-rare first-hand account of the fundamental clash between the Indigenous way of life and the lifestyle demanded of them by government policy. To Gulpilil it is our refusal to acknowledge this incompatibility that breeds such disconnection and destruction – a racial catastrophe that is unfolding because we cannot talk about race.

World Premiere

Molly Reynolds, Rolf de Heer and David Gulpilil are festival guests.