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"A film that feels closer to truth than fiction." – Hollywood Reporter

An uncensored look at the lives of three 14-years-old girls navigating friendships, sex, partying, bullying and shaming. Their rebellious behaviour is dictated by expectation, but clouded by double standards. Underneath the gossip, judgement and humiliation – towards each other and from their male peers – lingers the fragility of girls becoming women. Sarah, Jade and Louise swear, brag and talk tough, but it is to overcompensate for societal expectations for them to behave submissively, and their own carefully hidden vulnerabilities.

Actress turned writer/director Hélène Zimmer takes a no-holds-barred look at the reality of middle-class, suburban adolescence, as shot in intimate long takes by veteran cinematographer Caroline Champetier (Holy Motors, MIFF 2012), and enacted by a largely first-time cast.

Her raw portrayal may shock some adult viewers, but will be recognisable to teenagers around the world, making Being 14 an important film about self-respect and respecting others.

MIFF recommends ages 15+ 

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