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"The Club sees [Larraín] at his most masterful … the film's compassion is strongly felt, its mordant humour glinting like a blade. Five stars." – The Guardian

In a rundown cottage on an unremarkable stretch of blasted coastline, three priests live out quiet lives of contemplation, abstinence and greyhound racing, under the unforgiving rule of their housemistress, Sister Monica. But their isolation is no spiritual quest and when a sailor arrives seeking justice for the crimes visited upon him as a child, the trio's fragile grip on sanctuary comes tearing apart.

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize in Berlin, The Club is the latest uncompromising, tightly wound offering from incendiary writer/director Pablo Larraín (No, MIFF 2012). A searing broadside on the unwillingness of the Catholic Church to face up to the sins committed by their priests, The Club is a work of jet-black humour, razor-sharp satire and emotional complexity that will leave you jolted to your core.