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Dive into the darkest wilds of the unregulated internet with this compelling documentary from director Alex Winter and narrator Keanu Reeves.

Tapping the hot-button topic of cybercrime and government online regulation, this revealing documentary from actor-turned-filmmaker Alex Winter (Downloaded, MIFF 2013) explores the so-called "deep web" – the vast 96 per cent of the internet that goes unindexed by search engines – and specifically the activities of Ross Ulbricht, founder of the illegal digital marketplace Silk Road, which was primarily used for buying and selling drugs and other black-market goods until shut down by the FBI; Ulbricht was recently sentenced to life in the US for his troubles.

Intelligently narrated by Winter's fellow Bill & Ted alumnus Keanu Reeves, Deep Web employs a well-researched mix of interviews with journalists, online pirates and Ulbricht himself, arguing a strong case for internet freedom while engaging with the security and moral issues associated with unrestricted liberty.

"A persuasive argument that we should care about what happens to those accused of breaking the law online." – Hollywood Reporter