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Louie Psihoyos returns with the gripping follow-up to his Oscar-winning documentary The Cove.

With The Cove, former National Geographic photographer turned film director Louie Psihoyos tackled the controversial issue of dolphin hunting with extraordinary, edge-of-your-seat results. In his new film, he widens his lens from ocean life to all life, crafting a thrilling, impassioned call to action for the future of the planet.

Helped out by scientists, environmental activists, nature photographers and technological innovators, and once again using covert filming techniques, Psihoyos broaches what he calls the most important problem the world has ever faced: the most epic loss of biodiversity since the dinosaurs died out. From illegal trade in wildlife to the carbon emissions threatening our way of life, Racing Extinction is an eye-opening big-screen spectacle as entertaining as it is inspiring.

"A mesmeric entertainment and enlightenment, Racing Extinction jolted a Sundance audience to ecstatic appreciation for its cogent illumination of a life-and-death subject." – Hollywood Reporter

Louie Psihoyos is a festival guest.

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