Director Raam Reddy / 2015 / USA,India

"A deep, philosophical and spiritual slice of life film, seen with a good dash of humour." – First Post

When a person dies in the south of India, a thithi memorial ceremony is held 11 days later. Upon the passing of 101-year-old family patriarch Century Gowda, three generations of his male heirs prepare for the funeral celebration, arguing about conflicting priorities, following their individual desires, and searching for their own sources of solace in the process.

Far removed from the conventions of Bollywood, the playfully comic, perceptively clever feature by 25-year-old emerging filmmaker Raam Reddy paints a thriving, sprawling portrait of regional Indian existence. Populated by a large cast of mostly non-professional talent, his debut effort combines the comedy of errors tradition with warm-hearted social satire to explore the many delights, traditions, and humorous misadventures of community living.

Winner of the Best First Feature and the Cinema of the Present Golden Leopard award at the 2015 Locarno Film Festival.

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