Director Maryam Touzani / / France,Morocco

Two women, marginalised by Moroccan society, transform each other’s lives in Maryam Touzani’s impressive debut feature about the courage and compassion it takes to move beyond living with grief and shame. 

Abla, a widow, lives with her eight-year-old daughter Warda in Casablanca, where she supports them by selling homemade pastries from her window. Samia – young, unwed and pregnant – is seeking a place to live and work in the city. Abla reluctantly opens her home to the shunned, desperate woman, but a profound bond develops between them – over baking, their unique struggles, and the shared experience of motherhood.

Screening to critical acclaim in Cannes Un Certain Regard program, Touzani’s film is part social commentary, part intimate exploration of the depth and strength of women’s friendships. Infused with generosity and understanding towards its characters, its intimate camerawork amplifies the exceptional, emotionally measured performances of its lead actresses. Adam is a love letter to motherhood and a testament to how a chance encounter can change a life forever.

“Maryam Touzani allows her audience to sit back and relax comfortably into a beautifully made, character-driven little gem that knows when and how to touch all the right buttons.” – Variety 

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