Those Left Waiting

Director Michael Beets / 2021 / Australia

A screen experience like no other, this is the first ever live documentary filmed by refugees from around the world – edited and scored live on stage.

Those Left Waiting is a collaborative documentary that allows refugees in camps spread throughout distant corners of the world – from Africa and the Middle East to Asia and Europe – to take control of how their stories are told. Featuring footage of both the hardships and happiness in their daily lives, shot and streamed in real time, this one-of-a-kind project is as insightfully exploratory as it is expansive.

Produced by Christian Pazzaglia and directed by Australian filmmaker Michael Beets (Artefacts and Nezunoban, MIFF 2021; Jafri , MIFF 2016), Those Left Waiting is a unique, unrepeatable experience: each live-stream is unfiltered and edited synchronously, bringing these diverse visions and voices together for a simultaneous moment of revelation and shared humanity. For its MIFF screening, the documentary will be edited and scored live on stage by Beets and composer Chiara Costanza.

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