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This film began life as a ‘making of' and snowballed into a testament to an era.

Dogs in Space director Richard Lowenstein has gathered a who's who of Melbourne's underground music scene, some glorious archival material and woven them into a remarkable retro romp.

With candor and wit, Rowland S. Howard, the Primitive Calculators, Ollie Olsen, Phillip Brophy and many others proffer their recollections and air their animosities in a tribute to those seminal times. The Crystal Ballroom, the little bands, the Boys Next Door, drugs, fashion, sharehousing and a previously unseen interview with Michael Hutchence. All this and the making of an Australian cult classic.

“Tell me there's gonna be a difference between Nick Cave and Duran Duran… There just isn't.” - Stuart Grant from The Primitive Calculators

--- D/S Richard Lowenstein P Richard Lowenstein, Andrew De Groot, Lynn-Maree Milburn WS Fandango Australia Pty Ltd TD HDCAM/2009