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“The most engaging and fuzzy-warm film about people who want to kill you that you'll ever see.” - Empire

What's so funny about jihad? Everything apparently in this satire about a group of bumbling, fundamentalist suicide-bomber wannabes who couldn't organise a backyard firework display to save themselves. Idealistic and completely out of their depth, the quintet plan to execute a terrorist attack in the heart of London - as long as they don't accidentally kill themselves first.

Unapologetic and decidedly hilarious, Four Lions is the debut feature from funny man Chris Morris, the satirist behind Brass Eye and The Day Today, taking aim at collective ignorance and exploding myths - and a few sacred sheep - in the process.

---D Chris Morris P Mark Herbert, Derrin Schlesinger S Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, Chris Morris Dist Hopscotch TD 35mm/2010