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In a near-future Melbourne marked by state corruption and constant surveillance, a group of small-time activists hatches a plan to commit a “victimless atrocity”.

Conrad and Winnie live with the latter’s brother, Stevie, above a struggling underground bookshop. Managing this establishment is not their only occupation, however: both also engage in small-time activism and civil disobedience. But when Conrad is tasked with spearheading an act of urban terrorism, an unforeseen outcome and the involvement of police and state officials complicate this seemingly innocuous PR stunt.

Deftly adapted from Joseph Conrad’s 1907 novel The Secret Agent and interweaving CCTV, mobile phone and cinematic footage, this compelling, visually-inventive political thriller co-produced by MIFF Accelerator Lab alumnus Mat Govoni comments on data privacy, police powers, technology, corruption and crime’s many, shady manifestations. Supported by the MIFF Premiere Fund and featuring a stellar cast that includes Tilda Cobham-Hervey (52 Tuesdays), Chris Bunton (Kairos, MIFF 2019), Stephen Curry (Hounds of Love) and Hugo Weaving (Hearts and Bones, MIFF 2019), Lone Wolf is a timely, gritty story of trapped, disempowered individuals struggling against a system that protects itself at the expense of its own citizens.

“An exciting and unpredictable morality tale.” – Backseat Mafia