How to Watch Booked Films

To view the film, each user should head to: and log in with the username and password provided by MIFF. Once logged in, users should find the film sitting in their library.

Films are viewable from 8am on Thursday 3 September until 8pm on Thursday 17 September.

Once ‘play’ is pressed for the first time by each student or teacher, they will have 48 hours to complete their viewing of the film. This viewing window cannot be reset. All viewings of the film must be completed by 8pm on Thursday 17 September.

We recommend viewing the film via a Windows or Apple laptop or desktop computer using Safari or Chrome as the web browser.

For further support, you can email Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.


*PLEASE NOTE: Bento HarassmentMarona’s Fantastic Tale and White Snake are now sold out. If you would like to book for Los Lobos or Nevia, contact for assistance.