Director Joel Peterson / 2003 / Australia

Is it too late to do it all again? Colin and Denny Burgess hold a special place in the pantheon of Australian rock. Since the 60s the pair have enjoyed stints in The Masters' Apprentices, saucy 60s beat sensation The Throb and even a formative line-up of AC/DC. Three years ago, when this documentary went into production, the Burgess brothers had been involved in a shocking, near fatal car accident requiring extensive surgery and rehabilitation. Now, with a fresh bottle of peroxide, new leather trousers and some aches and pains in bones they didn't know they had, the boys hit the comeback trail.

With lashings of This is Spinal Tap and even a touch of The Osboumes, The Comeback Kings combines rock and roll history with a long, strange ride. The past 25 years have held many ups and plenty more downs for the Burgess brothers, including years as Tiny Tim's backing band! Denny has his passion for rugby (elected to the board of Wests) and Colin is perhaps a little too fond of his muscle-car but a bizarre sense of humour and some back pain medication will keep them out of the Rock Retirement Village for a while yet. A must-see for those that enjoyed MIFF 2002's Making Venus.

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