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Abiding Nowhere

Tsai Ming-liang continues his meditative, monastic Walking series with another hypnotic shrine to seeking transcendence in a chaotic world.

Dir. Tsai Ming-liang / 2024 / 79 mins / USA, Taiwan / No Dialogue
Shorts Package

Accelerator Shorts 1

Bold works from emerging Australian and New Zealand filmmakers.

87 mins
Shorts Package

Accelerator Shorts 2

Preview the next generation of homegrown directors.

82 mins


Part social-realist drama, part thriller, this workplace portrait depicts the pressure-cooker stresses of an overworked construction site.

Dir. Nicolas Panay / 2023 / 17 mins / France / French


From Cannes Critics’ Week, this austere but affecting drama portrays religious superstition colliding with the harsh realities of rural life.

Dir. Beza Hailu Lemma / 2024 / 35 mins / France, Canada, Ethiopia / Amharic


A teenager must choose between family and a life-changing adventure abroad in this tender coming-of-age story.

Dir. Maria Zanetti / 2023 / 87 mins / Spain, Argentina / Spanish

All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt

Like a visual poem, this ode to a Black woman’s joys and tragedies in the Deep South is rendered exquisitely tactile on the big screen.

Dir. Raven Jackson / 2023 / 92 mins / USA / English
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All Shall Be Well

This Teddy Award winner is a study of family bonds fraying in the aftermath of tragedy and of the found families that put us back together again.

Dir. Ray Yeung / 2024 / 93 mins / Hong Kong / Cantonese
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All We Imagine as Light

The first Indian film to screen in Cannes competition in 30 years is a sensuous tale of two nurses, their romances and a mystical trip to the coast.

Dir. Payal Kapadia / 2024 / 115 mins / Netherlands, France, India, Luxembourg / Malayalam, Hindi

Analog Medium

A musician couple retreat to a rural property to do some recording on vintage reel-to-reel tape. Is something supernatural lurking in the old house?

Dir. Tom Campbell / 2023 / 18 mins / Australia / English


In this striking genre-bender from Cannes Critics’ Week, a young woman wants to rise the ranks of bull-running – but a rogue animal is on the loose.

Dir. Emma Benestan / 2024 / 99 mins / France / French
Shorts Package

Animation Shorts

Forms collide in this assorted collection of visual storytelling.

106 mins


The age of Aquarius floods into Nimbin in this radical, love-fuelled documentary exploring the lasting impact of a 1970s counterculture crucible.

Dir. Wendy Champagne / 2024 / 82 mins / Australia / English


Rock your world with this mesmerising documentary about the increasingly impermanent building blocks of civilisation.

Dir. Victor Kossakovsky / 2024 / 98 mins / USA, Germany, French Polynesia / Italian


In this Cannes Caméra d’Or winner, a fraught parent–teacher conference at a Norwegian primary school plunges into a claustrophobic breakdown.

Dir. Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel / 2024 / 113 mins / Norway / Norwegian

As the Tide Comes In

Amid the climate crisis, an eight-square-kilometre island off the Danish coast is a microcosm of the rest of the world in this witty portrait.

Dir. Juan Palacios / 2023 / 88 mins / Denmark / Danish
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In this brutally hilarious black comedy, an Aussie teen’s coma is her family’s time to shine.

Dir. Natalie Bailey / 2024 / 96 mins / Australia / English
Shorts Package

Australian Shorts

Impassioned narratives from this continent’s best.

88 mins


This raucous ‘mom-com’, written by star Ilana Glazer (Broad City), delivers a bundle of joy from the slapstick indignities of impending motherhood.

Dir. Pamela Adlon / 2024 / 104 mins / USA / English
Shorts Package

Back From the Ink: Restored Animated Shorts

A collaboration between Seth MacFarlane and Martin Scorsese’s Film Foundation, this restoration unearths lost classics from animation’s Golden Age.

62 mins / USA / English

Behind the Mountains

A downtrodden father literally takes flight from the strictures of society in this supernaturally tinged, Tunisia-set odyssey.

Dir. Mohamed Ben Attia / 2023 / 98 mins / France, Tunisia, Belgium, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Qatar / Tunisian Dialect
Shorts Package

Best MIFF Shorts

A collection of the best short films from the festival, as chosen by the MIFF Shorts Awards jury and the MIFF Shorts programmers.

100 mins


A visually striking meditation on motherhood as a young woman goes to extraordinary lengths to help her pregnant mother.

Dir. Sophie-Anne Njeri Ndagu / 2024 / 13 mins / Kenya / Luo
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Black Box Diaries

This daring work of first-person journalism charts the case that not only launched #MeToo in Japan but changed the country’s legal system for good.

Dir. Shiori Ito / 2024 / 104 mins / UK, Japan / Japanese
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Black Dog

A taciturn loner and a stray dog bond in this beautiful tale of cross-species kindred spirits set against widescreen images of the Gobi Desert.

Dir. Guan Hu / 2024 / 106 mins / China / Mandarin


A self-loathing, alcoholic artist realises that social justice is one thing – and widespread town carnage is quite another.

Dir. Larry Fessenden / 2024 / 104 mins / USA / English

Blood Like Water

A powerful, queer-focused story about a Palestinian family who are forced to make an impossible choice.

Dir. Dima Hamdan / 2023 / 14 mins / Palestine / Arabic

Blue Sun Palace

The complexities of the migrant experience are tenderly depicted in this deeply felt debut feature, which arrives fresh from Cannes Critics’ Week.

Dir. Constance Tsang / 2024 / 116 mins / USA / Mandarin

Bőr (Skin)

An isolated Hungarian mother struggles to adapt to her family’s new life in 1950s Australia.

Dir. Dylan Ferenc Nyerges / 2024 / 15 mins / Australia / English, Hungarian

Bob Trevino Likes It

This SXSW award-winner will have you hitting ‘like’ with its tale of a pining daughter and the man who is not her father connecting online and IRL.

Dir. Tracie Laymon / 2024 / 102 mins / USA / English


Elijah Wood stars as a wayward but well-meaning dad in this magical father–daughter quest set in the New Zealand wilderness.

Dir. Ant Timpson / 2024 / 103 mins / New Zealand / English

Break No.1 & Break No.2

A thrillingly bold montage of still images and video work that pays tribute to memory and time.

Dir. Lei Lei / 2024 / 18 mins / China / Mandarin
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Brick and Mirror

Iranian cinema’s first true modern masterpiece, released in 1964, explores fear and responsibility in the aftermath of the 1953 coup.

Dir. Ebrahim Golestan / 1964 / 130 mins / Iran / Farsi
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Brief History of a Family

This taut, visually inventive Chinese thriller has drawn comparisons to buzzy social-class parables Saltburn and Parasite.

Dir. Jianjie Lin / 2023 / 99 mins / France, Denmark, Qatar, China / Mandarin


In this sinister short set at an Irish farm, an accident corners a teenager into making an irreversible choice.

Dir. Jamie O'Rourke / 2023 / 15 mins / Ireland / English


Ducks, dicks and lactating tits collide in this stop-motion nightmare about the anxieties of infertility.

Dir. Elie Chapuis / 2023 / 9 mins / Switzerland / No Dialogue
Selling Fast

The Carriage Driver

Nosrat Karimi’s 1971 film about ‘marriage Iranian style’ – a kind of commedia all’iraniana.

Dir. Nosrat Karimi / 1971 / 117 mins / Iran / Farsi

The Cars That Ate Paris

Peter Weir’s classic comedy of the macabre returns in an immaculate, all-new 4K restoration co-presented by the National Film and Sound Archive.

Dir. Peter Weir / 1974 / 91 mins / Australia / English

A Catholic Schoolgirl

A student at an all-girls boarding school is incredibly devoted to God. Or is it just to saintly Sister Agnes?

Dir. Myra Angeline Soriaso / 2023 / 18 mins / Philippines / Tagalog

The Cats of Gokogu Shrine

A Wiseman-esque study of a Japanese village’s Shinto shrine whose feline residents bring the local humans joy, solace and sometimes consternation.

Dir. Kazuhiro Soda / 2024 / 119 mins / USA, Japan / Japanese

Caught by the Tides

Fresh from Cannes competition, Jia Zhang-ke’s latest portrait of Chinese society in flux is an epic drawn from over two decades of footage.

Dir. Jia Zhang-ke / 2024 / 111 mins / China / Mandarin
Selling Fast

A Century in Sound

Slip into the serene surrounds of Japanese ‘listening cafés’, where music lovers, audiophiles and locals come together to hear records.

Dir. Nick Dwyer, Tu Neill / 2024 / 101 mins / Japan / Japanese

Cidade; Campo

Two stories – one involving a country-to-city move, the other in reverse – explore the place of women in Bolsonaro’s Brazil.

Dir. Juliana Rojas / 2024 / 119 mins / Brazil / Portuguese

Close Your Eyes

Legendary Spanish auteur Víctor Erice’s long-awaited return to feature films is a mystery-fuelled meditation on cinema itself.

Dir. Víctor Erice / 2023 / 169 mins / Spain / Spanish


A colourful riff on sibling rivalries and societal expectations.

Dir. Aarushi Chowdhury / 2023 / 10 mins / Australia / English, Hindi
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Community to Commercial - Restored Australian Music Videos

Reminisce about Melbourne's community radio stations with a newly restored 1987 documentary, followed by a mix of indie band film clips.

2024 / 70 mins / Australia / English
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The Concierge

In this sparkling anime comedy set in a vibrant alternate world, the customer is always right – but they’re never human.

Dir. Yoshimi Itazu / 2023 / 70 mins / Japan / Japanese
Talks and Masterclasses

Consuming Culture

Baby Reindeer, The Bear and hot rodent men: it’s been a ferocious (and feral) year for pop culture, and it seems we’re not slowing down any time soon.

60 mins


Revenge is a dish best served during a coffee break for an overworked, under-slept new father.

Dir. Alessandro Stigliano / 2023 / 10 mins / Sweden / Swedish

Copa 71

Think the global surge in interest in women’s football is a relatively recent occurrence? This eye-opening documentary asks you to think again.

Dir. Rachel Ramsay, James Erskine / 2023 / 89 mins / UK / English, Spanish, French, Italian