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Cinema of Our Time - Abel Ferrara: Not Guilty France

'For five days, director Rafi Pitts was able to follow the inspired director of Driller Killer, The Bad Lieutenant and New Rose Hotel from close by. The result is an eccentric road-movie, with the restless Ferrara as a charming, seedy guide leading us through nocturnal New York. Pitts' introverted approach offers all the space Ferrara needs and he has no trouble filling this space with his larger-than-life personality. We see him quarrel with taxi drivers, start talking frankly to strange women in the street and tell his version of the truth to anyone who wants to hear. But his isolation becomes apparent in an America to which Ferrara does not want to conform. Illustrated with unusual fragments'sometimes only the soundtrack'The film immerses us in memories, allusions and deconstructions of the New York filmmaker.' -Rotterdam Film Festival

'Ferrara's intelligence and robust personality are vividly captured' [and he] comes across as witty, engaging and far more lucid than one would expect given his reputation for hard living.' -Variety

D/S Rafi Pitts P AMIP WS Doc & Co TD Video/Col/2003/80mins

Rafi Pitts was born in 1967. Films include: In Exile (1991, short), Salandar (1994, short), Season Five (1997), Sanam (2000).