Director Manoel de Oliveira / 2006 / Portugal/France

<p>“I'm a different woman now. I'm not the same woman who needed to be in love with one man to make love with another.” Thirty-nine years after Luis Bu&ntilde;uel and Jean-Claude Carriére shocked audiences with Belle de Jour, Portuguese filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira revitalises the character of Henri Husson as he stumbles across Séverine Serizy, the bourgeois wife-turned-prostitute from the original film, and attempts to rekindle what they once shared. Weighed down by the earthly realities of old age, Henri finds in Séverine a woman wracked with guilt whose fantasies have been dulled with time and who is still wondering whether or not her secret had been divulged to her disabled husband. At 98 years of age, Manoel de Oliveira is the oldest film director still actively working. </p><p>

</p><p>D/S Manoel de Oliveira P Miguel Cadilhe, Serge Lalou WS Onoma L French w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2006/70mins </p>

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