Director Linda Hattendorf / 2006 / USA

<p>“The title may suggest a wildlife documentary, but The Cats of Mirikitani is entirely, vibrantly human.” - New York Times Eighty year-old Jimmy Mirikitani survived the trauma of World War II internment camps, Hiroshima and homelessness by creating art. When filmmaker Linda Hattendorf stops to admire his work, an unexpected friendship develops. She returns again and again to document his drawings, trying to decipher the stories behind them. In the wake of September 11, Hattendorf takes Jimmy into her home, off the streets of New York, and the two confront his painful past together. An intimate exploration of the lingering wounds of war and the healing powers of friendship and art, this documentary's rich eccentricities find a profundity that is devoid of sentimentality but brimming full of heart. </p><p>

</p><p>D/S Linda Hattendorf P Masa Yoshikawa, Linda Hattendorf WS Masa Yoshikawa L English, Japanese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2006/74mins</p>

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