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Director Taika Waititi will be a guest of the festival and will be introducing the first screening of Eagle vs Shark

“Napoleon Dynamite meets When Harry Met Sally.” - cinematical

Painfully inept fast food worker Lily is the butt of her co-workers' jokes and the object of her manager's ire. The only bright spot on her day is the regular visit by über-nerd man-child Jarrod, a clerk at the local videogame store. When Lily manages to show off her video game moves at a party, she wins what passes for Jarrod's respect and kicks off an awkward, halting romance, which is derailed when Jarrod declares his intentions to return to his hometown to avenge himself against a former school bully. An hilarious celebration of awkwardness, Eagle vs Shark shows that you're never too freaky or geeky to find love. The much-anticipated feature debut of MIFF Accelerator alumnus Taika Waititi. Stars Jemaine Clement from New Zealand comedy duo Flight of the Conchords.

D/S Taika Waititi P Cliff Curtis, Ainsley Gardiner Dist Icon Film TD 35mm/2007/93mins