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“If you have to sell out your values and principles to get at a greater truth, where does that leave you?” - filmmaker Debbie Melnyk Documentary filmmakers Debbie Melnyck and Rick Caine set out to make a straightforward biography of their hero Michael Moore but what they discovered changed their opinions about the man who helped put their genre back on the map and back into cinemas. Reminiscent of Moore's own Roger and Me, Manufacturing Dissent sees Melnyck and Caine chasing an ever elusive interview with the man himself, facing obstacles and uncovering hidden and damning truths from opponents, collaborators and even friends. “An intelligent, provocative and, arguably, even necessary examination of the phenomenon of Michael Moore - the man, his movies and his methods.” - Variety

D/P Debbie Melnyk, Rick Caine WS Films Transit TD betaSP/2007/77mins