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"Sleek, chic and hysterical, the film owes more to Preston Sturges than Michelangelo Antonioni." - Cinematheque Ontario

Set over a couple of frenetic days in a Taipei entertainment corporation, A Confucian Confusion weaves its way through a collection of characters linked by blood, profession, friendship or sexual chemistry. A political drama seasoned with black comedy, it serves as a vehicle for Yang to comment on Asian countries expanding beyond their traditional constraints.

"We have run out of Confucian teachings, as well as Western solutions such as democracy, from which to model ourselves. We may know how to tell the world what to do, as with the human rights issue, but do we know how to tell ourselves what to do for our own future?" - Edward Yang

D Edward Yang P David Sui, Wei-yen Yu S Hung Hung, Edward Yang WS Kailidoscope L Mandarin, Taiwanese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/1994/125mins


Guling jie shaonian sha ren shijian
Director Edward Yang
MIFF 2008