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"It's a rich and robust story, full of warmth and humour that reflects the changing face of Auckland's southern suburbs today." - producer Rachel Gardner

The debut feature film from Sima Urale, Apron Strings explores the fine line between mothering and smothering through the sensory metaphor of food.

As an Indian family confronts misunderstandings and secrets from the past that tore them apart, another family struggles to break free of a co-dependent stalemate. Three women form the heart of this domestic tale: Lorna, who runs an old-fashioned cake-shop; Tara in her no-frills curry house; and the glamorous Anita, who hosts an Indian cooking show on TV.

Set within New Zealand's Sikh community, Apron Strings depicts a vibrant culture that, until now, has been under-represented on the big screen.

Director Sima Urale is a guest of the festival.

D Sima Urale P Rachel Gardner, Angela Littlejohn S Shuchi Kothari, Dianne Taylor Dist Rialto Distribution TD 35mm/2008/90mins