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“Heidi Fleiss is kind of synonymous with sex and money and that's the big deal. But really, I'm just your average convicted felon." - Heidi Fleiss

Celebrity has-beens are a dime a dozen, but Heidi Fleiss is more than a rich girl gone wrong. After making her name in the late 90s as a madam who serviced Hollywood clientele with $1500-a-night girls, Fleiss did time for tax evasion and never really made it back to the A-list - but not for lack of trying.

This documentary picks up the story in the desolate wilds of Crystal, Nevada, where Fleiss is trying to open her newest business venture, a brothel for female clientele called The Stud Farm, but finds hardships at every turn.

A revealing look at a woman picking up the pieces.

--- D/P Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato WS HBO TD digibeta/2008