Director Vlado Skafar / 2008 / Slovenia

<p><strong>“You are a child, even when you're eighty.” - filmmaker Vlado &Scaron;kafar</strong></p>

<p>Bringing down the curtain and coaxing the true essence of human nature from his subjects, documentary filmmaker Vlado &Scaron;kafar pens a candid study of beliefs, feelings and moments from the lives of ordinary people. Out of the ordinary emerges the extraordinary as happiness, life, death, love and hate all come to the surface in a series of conversations exploring the human condition.</p>

<p>As softly and as safely as confiding in a close friend, the young and the old tell their stories without a moment's self-consciousness, and as a viewer we are privileged to hear their views on the things we continue to take for granted every day.</p>


D/S Vlado &Scaron;kafar P Petra Vidmar WS Gustav Film L Slovenian w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2008</p>

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