Director Jaime Chavarri / 1981 / Spain

Jaime Chavarri is known in Australia only for his 1977 feature To An Unknown God, an intense drama remembering a past which involved a night of murder and the unseen presence of the poet, Federico Garcia Lorca

His first feature film since then is Dedicatoria, also produced by Elias Querejeta.

The film is in similar vein to many of the films that have highlighted the burgeoning Spanish cinema of the seventies and its flowering in the post-Franco era. Its origins of style can be traced back to surrealism and its appropriation by such major Spanish artists as Picasso, Bunuel and Dali.

Its influence here is displayed in the film's air of enigmatic mystery. It revolves around a journalist researching a story about a man doing three years in jail He becomes involved with the man's daughter who runs a kennel, and also with his editor's wife. and discovers new facts about the man and the daughter.

Elias Querejeta describes the film as follows:

"Through the professional life of Juan Oribe, the journalist, the film narrates three intertwined love stories: One that has just started. One that is coming to an end And a third one, dark, passionate, brutally interrupted."

Beautifully acted and directed, this is a further example of the quality of contemporary Spanish cinema. It confirms Chavarri, after four features. as one of the most interesting directors in that country and is a further credit to Elias Querejeta, a producer whose sole concern is to make films of high quality.

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