Yi Yi

Director Edward Yang / 2000 / Taiwan/Japan

Aside from screenings at prestigious international Film Festivals from London and Hong Kong to New York and Toronto, A One and a Two has picked up a slew of awards including Best Director at Cannes 2000 - and has been hailed internationally as one of director Edward Yang's masterpieces. The film is an intimate family drama set in contemporary Taipei: wise, delicate and impeccably performed.

Yang conjures a mesmerising tale of love and regret and the struggle to connect. He opens the film with a wedding, ends it with a funeral and in between follows separate threads - a breakdown, mid-life crisis and infidelity, a child's curiosity and a grandmother's illness - and weaves them into a rich, illuminating whole. By the conclusion of the film, the family of NJ, a middle-class electronics executive, is as familiar as your own.

"In exchange for three hours of your time, A One and a Two will give you more life. As I watched the final credits of the film through bleary eyes, I struggled to identify the overpowering feeling that was making me tear up. Was it grief? Joy? Mirth? Yes, I decided, it was all of these. But mostly, it was gratitude." - A.O. Scott, New York Times

Edward Yang (born in Shanghai, 1947) is one of the most respected of contemporary filmmakers. His subtle style and deft touch have marked him as a cinema master. Yang's work includes Taipei Story (1984), The Terrorizers (1986), A Brighter Summer Day (1991), A Confucian Confusion (1995) and Mahjong (1996).

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