Director Alexey Balabanov / 2010 / Russia

"A bracingly fast-paced, broad-brush allegorical satire of 1990s Russia as a near-lawless dystopia of greedy immorality." - Hollywood Reporter

Once a Soviet war hero, 'The Major' now spends his days quietly in a St. Petersburg boiler room, shovelling coal and working on his novel. But coal isn't the only thing stoking the flames of his furnace - a local hitman stops by regularly to drop off the grisly by-product of his trade: human bodies.

Having mined the corruption of 1980s USSR for Cargo 200 (MIFF 2008) and the rise of the Bolshevik revolution for Morphia (MIFF 2009), Alexei Balabanov now turns his uncompromising eye on the Russia of the mid-90s, with this blackly humorous look at a society plunged into chaos, brutality and despair following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

D/S Alexey Balabanov P Sergey Selyanov WS Intercinema L Russian w/English subtitles TD DCP/2010

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