Director Alex Winter / 2012 / USA

The story of Napster's Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, whose desire to share music wounded an entire industry.

Fans loved it, Metallica and Dr Dre vowed to destroy it, and after three years plundering the catalogues of the music behemoths, Napster was bankrupt. But the story of the toll it took can only be told now.

Over a decade, Alex Winter (of Bill & Ted fame) chronicled Napster's rocketing rise to global fame, its spectacular crash in the largest corporate lawsuit in history, and what it means for music today.

Featuring past and present interviews with Fanning and Parker, industry figures, government officials and digital rights activists, as well as musings from Noel Gallagher, Henry Rollins, Beastie Boy Mike D and more, Downloaded reflects on the media circus surrounding music piracy's bloody birth.

"The story that Winter tells is full of high drama and startling irony." - Hollywood Reporter

D/S Alex Winter P Alex Winter, Maggie Malina Dist Madman Entertainment TD DCP/2012

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