Director Kim Kil-in / 1986 / DPRK

"With excellent wire-work and a lot of sword play and spraying blood, it's no wonder that Hong Kil Dong was selected by a group of DPRK defectors as the number one North Korean film of all time." – North Korean Films

A righteous, action-packed and delightfully retro kung-fu epic that's as much Bruce Lee as it is Great Leader, Hong Kil Dong is a rarity among North Korean films.

Cast out of his home for being a bastard, Hong Kil Dong is saved from a pack of marauding bandits by a kind-hearted kung fu master. Learning how to fight (in the midst of crash zooms and ninja showdowns), Hong Kil Dong will soon become the greatest enemy the Japanese empire has ever known.

"Is director Kim Kil-in as close to Sergio Leone as Pyongyang is ever gonna get? Probably." – Korean Grindhouse

D Kim Kil-in P Han Tong Ho S Se Ryun Kim WS Korea Film Export Import Corporation L Korean w/English subtitles TD digibeta/1986

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