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"Not since Charlie Chaplin's beguiling Verdoux have we seen a deliberate wife killer so elegant and suave ... one of the funniest pictures the Italians have sent along." – New York Times

Unable to legally divorce and tired of simply daydreaming about his wife's death, Ferdinando (Marcello Mastroianni), a bored Sicilian baron, hatches an outrageous plan to lure her into another man's arms so that he can justify shooting her, thus allowing him to pursue his much younger, more attractive cousin (Stefania Sandrelli). What could possibly go wrong?

A deliciously black satire in the grandest tradition of Italy's commedia all'italiana, Divorce, Italian Style represented a new high point in director Pietro Germi's already storied career. Winning Best Screenplay at the 1962 Academy Awards, it's a whip-smart tour through the absurdities of love and fidelity by a master at the top of his game.