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"A tense and hugely enjoyable thriller." – Hey U Guys

Arnulfo is in the USA, preparing to transport a shipment of guns across the border to his cartel. He's ambushed by ATF agent Hank Harris, but in the heat of the moment, manages to get the upper hand. Arnulfo decides to bring the bound Hank back to Mexico with him, embarking on an unlikely road trip where certain death awaits.

This is the debut directorial work from producer and third-generation filmmaker Gabriel Ripstein (The Ruination of Men, MIFF 2001), whose father and grandfather are both revered figures in Mexican cinema. This confident two-handed thriller features powerful turns from Tim Roth (Chronic, MIFF 2015; Broken, MIFF 2012) and Kristyan Ferrer (Sin Nombre).

Winner of the 2015 Best First Feature Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

"A lean, careful, clever tale of divided loyalties and divided territories in the borderlands of Mexico and the US." – The Playlist