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"David and Goliath on wheels." – Austin Chronicle

As any cyclist knows, it's dangerous on our roads; drivers are often careless towards bicycles, or downright aggressive. But from behind the wheel, it's clear that many people on bikes flout the laws and ride recklessly. In Melbourne, at least, the divide between the two seems more intransigent than ever. But the problem is a global one.

Swedish filmmaker Fredrik Gertten (BANANAS!, MIFF 2010; Big Boys Gone BANANAS!, MIFF 2012) is definitely pro-bike, and he travelled the world in an attempt to find a solution. From Toronto, where former mayor Rob Ford removed bike lanes in response to the "war on cars", to Copenhagen, where 40% of residents ride daily, he looks at the struggles bicyclists face on a car-centric planet, and the revolution – environmental, economic, political and health-related – that could occur if more cities embraced the benefits of bicycling.

"A beautifully toned look at the struggle of everyday [people] to make the bicycle not only a viable, but safe, mode of transportation." – Criterion Cast