Director Benjamin Crotty / 2014 / France,Tunisia

"Awash in textural richness … half theatre of the absurd, half aching sensual reminiscence." – Slant

At a camp for soldiers' spouses, the inhabitants spend the winter waiting for their partners to return. Left with solo parenting duties, Roger pines for his emotionally distant husband and tries to manage his difficult teenage daughter – who, in turn, is an object of desire for the sexually experimental army wives. Spring is on its way.

A French farce with something of a US indie sensibility, Fort Buchanan marks the emergence of a bold new cinematic voice in US-born, France-based Benjamin Crotty. Filled with delightful eccentricities – the dialogue is transposed entirely from American soap operas, characters show up in unexpected places and seasonal change is announced with an animated helicopter – this is a film that needs to be seen to be believed. Stars Andy Gillet and Mati Diop.

"Crotty's unique cinematic vision, combining animated flights of fancy with 16mm realism … continually dislodges viewer expectation." – Film Comment

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