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Henry Rollins stars as a jaded immortal in this wry, bloody and original horror comedy.

Do you want to live forever? The blessing is a curse for Jack. His crappy apartment has become his crypt, and the bingo and boredom has only made him more disdainful of the mortal world. After centuries of the same, trouble comes calling again.

Punk legend, writer, globetrotter and raconteur Henry Rollins shines in his first lead film role as the eternally fatigued but frighteningly powerful Jack. How will a figure with lifetimes of experience deal with the arrival of his estranged teenage daughter, violent thugs and the promise of what could be love?

Writer/director Jason Krawczyk has created a captivating character and effortlessly straddles noir, pitch-black comedy and horror. But it's Rollins who makes Jack unforgettable.

"A bloody, hilarious and smart slice of supernatural noir." – Film School Rejects