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"A winner about a loser … spins a delicate but seductive and darkly absurd story about a man who's out of shape and out of synch with the world." – Hollywood Reporter

Former boxing great Peter – played by Peter Baláž, part of Slovakia's 1996 Olympic boxing team – is in a bind. His girlfriend is pregnant but they can't afford another child and now they need to find the €400 required for an abortion. Out of options, Peter decides to make a return to the ring, but up against unscrupulous promoters and boxers half his age, it's all he can do just to survive.

Winner of Best Film at the Vilnius Film Festival, Koza is the almost unclassifiable sophomore feature from genre-bending writer-director Ivan Ostrochovský (Velvet Terrorists, MIFF 2014). An unflinching, offbeat and at times hilarious mix of fiction and documentary that travels through some of the most bleakly absurd comic territory imaginable, Koza shows an exciting talent flexing muscles that cinema didn't realise it even had.