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Love, sex and money shots – in glorious 3D.

Master provocateur Gasper Noé (Enter the Void, MIFF 09 – also screening this year) returns to the screen with Love, his most outrageous, ambitious and personal effort yet: a no-holds-barred, no-shots-prohibited exploration of love at its most primal, engorged and sensuously beautiful.

Aspiring filmmaker Murphy lives with his girlfriend Omi and their unexpected child, Gaspar, while harbouring deep fantasies about Electra, the woman he left behind. As he revisits the erotically charged memories of their young, reckless love, he must come to terms with the damage wreaked by lust and the sins that led to their downfall.

Brash, bold and impossibly honest, Love is Noé's ultra-explicit salvo across the bows of cinematic puritanism, an eye-opening declaration that sex and love are one and the same. Shot in unflinching 3D – and taking advantage of all the opportunities that affords – Love could be the most talked about film at this year's festival.

Some scenes contain explicit sexual content.