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"[Nathan Silver] continues to be an exhilarating cinematic talent to watch; his name should be tossed in the same bowl as Cassavetes and Fassbinder." – Movie Mezzanine

1990, New Jersey: a group of recovering addicts live together in a suburban house, playing games, videotaping psychodrama sessions and making a living from home-brewed kombucha. When a new member arrives, the commune's tenuous existence begins to unravel completely.

Filmed on grainy 80s video, Stinking Heaven authentically evokes its time and place, though nostalgia is far from the primary focus of this pitch-black comedy about social cohesion, paranoia and breakdown. Nathan Silver (Soft in the Head, MIFF 2014) has a reputation as a great director of actors, and the performances here demonstrate why: his entire cast display an intensity that is sometimes frightening, but always gripping.

"Mesmerizing … Brimming with a putrid effervescence and an ensemble cast willing to dig deep into the filth of life, Stinking Heaven further confirms Silver's talent as a great conductor of chaos." – Twitch