Director Stefan Moore,Susan Lambert / 2014 / Australia

A powerful look at how a trip to the circus became a reminder of the cruel consequences of humanity's attempt to control nature.

In Honolulu in 1994, a circus elephant made a break for independence. Tyke stomped her way free during a performance, killed her trainer in front of the watching audience, and ran away through the city streets.

Utilising heartbreaking archival footage and interviews with former circus workers and other witnesses, directors Stefan Moore and Susan Lambert investigate the circumstances that led to the tragic incident, and the complex debate it has inspired in the years since.

At the time, Tyke's plight changed the way circuses operated. Now, like Blackfish (MIFF 2013) and Virunga (MIFF 2014) before it, this unforgettable documentary aims to change the way people think about the use of animals as entertainment.

"A striking film." – Junkee

Susan Lambert and Stefan Moore are festival guests.

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