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"In the beginning, it was black and white. Years later, it was colour, followed by 3D glasses and the Imax. But could the next big development in cinema be vertical screens?" – The Independent

A program of 10 specially created 35mm short films, made by noted experimental filmmakers and audiovisual artists, Vertical Cinema is a daring revision of traditional cinema formats: specifically, the ubiquitous horizontal screen. Commissioned, curated and produced by Sonic Acts, this one-off event literally turns the cinema experience on its side.

Projected onto a 10-metre high, vertically hung, CinemaScope screen – a floor-to-ceiling monolith! – from a custom-built 35mm projector sitting on a 90-degree axis, the films are a mix of abstract cinema, structural experiments, found-footage remixes, chemical film explorations and live laser action, all created especially for this program to take full advantage of the vertical format. The space and the sonic aspect of the experience are also significant: MIFF will take over the magnificent Deakin Edge at Federation Square, where the films – those with sound – will be screened at rock concert levels!

"A fascinating experience, an exercise that [hints] at myriad possibilities for cinema while questioning its very definition." – Filmmaker

Featured Works

Colterrain by Tina Frank (Austria)
Louver by Björn Kämmerer (Germany/Austria)
V~ by Manuel Knapp (Austria)
Pyramid Flare by Johann Lurf (Austria)
#43 by Joost Rekveld (Netherlands)
Lunar Storm by Rosa Menkman (Netherlands)
Bring Me the Head of Henri Chrétien! by Billy Roisz & Dieter Kovačič (Austria)
Deorbit by Makino Takashi & Telcosystems (Japan/Netherlands)
Chrome by Esther Urlus (Netherlands)
Walzköpersperre by Martijn van Boven & Gert-Jan Prins (Netherlands)

Filmmaker Joost Rekveld is a festival guest.

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