Director Davy Chou / 2016 / Germany,Thailand,Qatar,Cambodia

"Diamond Island is a tender, street-level look at the young generation of Cambodians and a glimpse of the future they wish to carve out for themselves in a country that’s changing fast." – Bangkok Post

In the debut scripted feature film from Davy Chou (Golden Slumbers, MIFF 2012), 18-year-old Bora leaves the villages of rural Cambodia in favour of the city to work on the titular Diamond Island, a half-finished luxury housing development in Phnom Penh. While workers sacrifice their health and safety constructing the architectural eyesore that will provide luxury for the rich, Bora runs into his older brother, Solei – after years without contact – who lives lavishly thanks to an "American sponsor".

As cinematographer Thomas Favel beautifully showcases the lush and exotic scenery, Solei takes Bora under his wing and exposes and him to the lifestyles of privileged urbanised youth, filled with pulsing nightlife, pretty girls and peacocking displays of masculinity.

An award winner at Critics’ Week in Cannes, Diamond Island is both a confronting depiction of the divide between Cambodia’s rich and poor as well as a heart-rending and class-traversing bildungsroman.

"A sweet and sumptuous coming-of-ager." – Hollywood Reporter

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