Director Brian Welsh / / Scotland

Journey back to the halcyon daze of the UK’s 90s rave scene with this nostalgic coming-of-age tale, executive produced by Steven Soderbergh and set to the most electrifying sounds of the Trainspotting era.

It’s the summer of 1994, and the free rave scene has exploded across the UK. In small-town Scotland, two childhood best friends about to go their separate ways decide to escape for one last memorable adventure: a night at an illegal rave, and a journey deep into an underworld of anarchy and freedom they’ll never forget.

Scottish filmmaker (and Black Mirror director) Brian Welsh brings both a sense of specific nostalgia and universal celebration to this tale of youthful rebellion, capturing the exuberant spirit of Cool Britannia’s techno-wired hedonism while crafting an affecting elegy for a distant, pre-Brexit dream. 

“Coming on like Shane Meadows at 140BPM, Beats is a truly heartfelt rites-of-passage tale – an immersive, intoxicating portrayal of the rave scene at its peak.” – Empire

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