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Just one of Silvia’s problems would be enough to break most people – she’s under investigation for corruption, her mother is terminally ill and refusing treatment, and her five-year-old son is starting to ask awkward questions about his father.

Battling terminal lung cancer, Leticia’s time is running out, although that’s just one of many troubles that her hard-working daughter Silvia has to deal with. When the two Bogota lawyers aren’t bickering about anything and everything – including five-year-old Antonio – Silvia endeavours to escape her personal troubles; however a scandalous new case makes that difficult.

As Leticia and Silvia, Leticia Gómez and Carolina Sanín prove not only natural and nuanced, but riveting and revelatory as well – and, thanks to their powerful work, director Franco Lolli makes stars out of his own mother and cousin. While Litigante’s story is completely fictional even with its family ties, this contemplative film teems with authenticity, capturing the thorniness of life with a delicate but realistic touch.

“Lolli, like his protagonist, has a lot going on, but you never doubt either’s ability to emerge intact.” – Eye for Film