Violence Voyager

Director Ujicha / / Japan

“Like the Ladybird Book of Cronenberg … storytelling without restraint – a truly radical piece of cinema.” – Eye for Film

It may look like a child’s picture book thanks to its ‘gekimation’ animation style – using painstakingly hand-painted cardboard cutouts no bigger than playing cards, as well as real fumes and fluids – but this mind trip of a midnight movie definitely isn’t for young eyes. A grotesquely glorious comedy filled with more body horror, visceral violence and limit-testing nastiness than anyone would ever expect from paper puppetry, the second feature from Japanese writer/director/cinematographer/editor Ujicha is definitely not for the easily disturbed, shocked or offended.

If that warning didn’t make it plain, Violence Voyager steps into strange and unsettling territory. For those on its horror-soaked, sci-fi-inspired, kaiju-leaning wavelength, however, it’s an imaginative, anarchic 2D-animated ride. The film follows American boy Bobby, who stumbles across a seemingly abandoned amusement park with his best friend Akkun, only to enter a twisted world filled by robot-like humanoids. Then the mutations and mayhem start.

“A brutally inventive nightmare born of a singular, disturbing vision.” – Village Voice

Contains images of violence and animal cruelty

Not recommended for minors

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