He's My Brother

Director Christine Hanberg,Cille Hannibal / 2021 / Denmark,Norway

Winning a Special Mention at CPH:DOX, this moving, poignant film is a love letter to a deaf and blind brother from his younger sister.

Peter Hanberg is one of only three people in Scandinavia born without the ability to see or hear. Now aged 30, he has been cared for full-time by his parents, Jonna and Jørgen, and younger sister, Christine. With no facility able to accommodate his needs, Jonna and Jørgen’s minds have turned to what will happen when they are no longer able to look after him. And while the bond between siblings – built on a unique, tactile form of communication – is strong, Christine grapples with a future when her brother’s welfare will fall exclusively on her.

Co-directed by Christine, He’s My Brother gets the audience up close to a loving but complicated world. Detailing the experiences of a dedicated family, this achingly personal film doesn’t evade difficult questions – about a broken medical system, the emotional and physical toll of being a dependent’s sole carer, and the daily struggles faced by each family member. Yet through it all shines a sister’s deep affection and devotion for her brother.

“A highly emotional viewing experience from beginning to end … and a touching, brutally sincere story of suffering, waiting and love.” – Cineuropa

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