All Light, Everywhere

Director Theo Anthony / 2021 / USA

A visionary exploration of the inherent biases in surveillance technology from one of North America’s most fascinating and inventive documentary filmmakers.

Surveillance cameras: they’re everywhere we turn, recording every aspect of our public existence. But are they really objective lenses on society? Using the 2015 Baltimore police murder of Freddie Gray as a starting point, this brilliant, politically charged film roams across the past and present of surveillance and law enforcement, from the birth of modern technology in the 19th century, through to the fraught and fascinating relationship between the camera and the gun, which has informed the police body-cams of today, and a tour of Axon, the company that makes the Taser.

Building on the race and class concerns of his debut, Rat Film (MIFF 2017), Theo Anthony interrogates the objectivity of surveillance footage, revealing the prejudices built into cameras, software and the AI systems processing the images – all while questioning the complicity of filmmakers, including himself. Awarded a US Documentary Special Jury Award for Nonfiction Experimentation at this year’s Sundance, All Light, Everywhere is a wild, eye-opening ride from an essential voice in American documentary cinema.

“A brilliant and chilling study in watching the watchers … All Light, Everywhere is a gripping, mind-expanding wake-up call.” – Hollywood Reporter

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