No Sudden Move

Director Steven Soderbergh / 2021 / USA

Steven Soderbergh assembles the starriest of casts, headlined by Don Cheadle (Black Monday) and Benicio Del Toro (Sicario), for this explosive period crime caper that buzzes with the auteur’s distinctive visual style.

Detroit, 1954: a city on the verge of change. Curt (played with charismatic machismo by Cheadle) and Roland (a suave Del Toro) are small-time crooks for hire; their latest job has them ‘babysitting’ a man’s family while he collects a document. Sounds simple enough – until it all falls apart spectacularly. Discovering they were set up, and evading both pursuers and police, including cop Joe (a brooding Jon Hamm, Mad Men), Curt and Richard are propelled up, down and all around the many layers of Detroit society as they work to uncover the truth behind this bungled task.

Cheadle, Del Toro and Hamm are joined by Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), Brendan Fraser (The Mummy), Kieran Culkin (Infinity Baby, MIFF 2017), Amy Seimetz (She Dies Tomorrow, MIFF 2020) and Julia Fox (Uncut Gems) in No Sudden Move, which premiered at Tribeca as 2021’s centrepiece title. Shot on location in Detroit, the film sees Soderbergh (The Girlfriend Experience, MIFF 2009) return to the scene of his 1998 film Out of Sight and marks his third collaboration with screenwriter Ed Solomon. Here, the acclaimed helmer’s energetic camera takes in multiple twists and turns, and the period setting seethes with racial tensions; however this thriller ends, you simply won’t be able to look away.

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